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Cattle FEC Check


Visualise faecal egg count results for easy interpretation

  • Know what results mean at a glance
  • Translates a table of numbers into a simple visual aid
  • Helps you to decide:
    • Do these cattle need treated?
    • Did the treatment work?


What is a faecal egg count?

A faecal egg count is a snapshot of the roundworm infection in cattle at the time of sampling. This test can help you to monitor the need for treatment/target wormer use (diagnostic test), it can also tell you how well a treatment worked. Gathering this information can ensure you are targeting wormer use…treating the right animals at the right time with an effective product (potentially saving you time, labour and money).

Frequent testing can build a picture of how wormy specific fields are, informing grazing management strategies, potentially reducing reliance on wormers in the longer term.

Vet practices and commercial labs offer faecal egg counts or alternatively you can do them at home.

DIY faecal egg count method